The heater design produces a radiant heat pattern that is efficient whether close or at some distance from the heat source. Because a person located twice as far from the radiant emitter would normally receive only 25% of the radiant heat intensity, our design is such that the person located closer to the heat emitter receives only 25% of the more intense heat rays while the person twice as far away receives 100% of the less intense heat rays. Thus, both people are heated equally. Our heater design does not overheat the person with excess infrared heat, but spreads the even infrared heat over as wide an area as possible to maintain the body warmth of several people in any given space.

The visual appeal and radiant warmth of these 40,000 and 50,000 BTU/hr heaters are available in a number of different models.  The propane fired model A270 is fully transportable.  The permanent, post-mounted model PSA265 is fired with natural gas.  The A244 ceiling- suspended model is supplied with an attractive sculpted steel frame.  The Sunpak® patio heater has a slim, box shape that fits easily into many architectural designs.  The slim body, and 0-30 degree angle mounting option on most models, gives Sunpak® the versatility to fit into a wide variety of patio arrangements.


​When the cooler weather of spring and fall arrives, your restaurant's patio is still a great place for your customers to enjoy a meal or a drink with friends and family.  Wouldn't you like to extend the use of your patio into the evenings and on some of those cooler days?  With Sunglo or Sunpak patio heaters, you can.

 A single Sunglo patio heater can warm an area about 4.5 m (15 feet) in diameter with radiant heat, like sunshine. Radiant heat gently and quietly warms people and objects, like tables and chairs, rather than the air.  Sunglo patio heaters reach full warmth in seconds, and only operate when customers are present.  The Sunpak model can be mounted in semi-enclosed areas and under awnings. These heaters are inexpensive to operate, and the extra revenue from the extended use of your patio more than offsets the cost to maintain them.

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Are you looking for an effective way to keep an outside area comfortably warm on those cooler nights?  Sunglo patio heaters have been a welcome feature at popular resorts, hotels, fine restaurants, outdoor cafes, swimming pools, greenhouses and home patios since 1961.  Sunglo patio heaters provide unique business opportunities for our customers in a wide variety of different applications, wherever warmth is needed.

The Sunglo® heater is now a welcome feature at popular resorts and hotels, fine restaurants and cafes, swimming pool and spa areas, ski lodges and greenhouses as well as home patios.

Radiant heaters use the same means of heating as the sun: heating people and objects directly, not the air. A radiant heater may make a person up to 10 degrees warmer.  The radiant emitter sends out heat rays that do not heat the air directly, but instead warm an object, such as a person or a table.  The rays are absorbed by that object, increasing its temperature.